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You can now run some Windows x86-64 apps on Windows 10 on ARM through Hangover

By on November 2, 2020 0

If you’ve woken up from the weekend with a bad hangover, you can comfort yourself with a good hangover instead. Device users running PowerPC or ARM64 devices, rejoice – your prayers have been answered, as you can now run a range of Windows x86 / x64 applications on your machine, thanks to the latest Alpha version of Hangover. For the uninitiated, Hangover is a WINE-based virtualization platform, originally designed to explore ways to create compatibility between devices powered by 64-bit ARM and their x86 cousins. Now, through a collaboration with Raptor Computing Systems, he is using the technology to create a similar solution for PowerPC (via Phoronix).

The solution works by running 64-bit WINE on the host, coupled with a particularly suitable QEMU instance, and a whole bunch of “thunk” libraries to put it all together. The result is a virtualized version of your favorite Windows apps, though with that promise comes a massive caveat.

While progress is still being made, it can already do a surprising amount, even basic 3D rendering and Direct3D if you have OpenGL installed. However, if you need something you can rely on for every Windows app you launch, then it’s really not for you. It may someday be, but this, by the developers’ own admission, is a very Alpha-y Alpha and is not yet ready to be used as an alternative to a native Windows PC. Hangover now allows Windows x86 / x64 applications to run on ARM 64, PPC64LE, x86_64 – but all very “in theory” – your results may differ. Users may note that Android support has been removed in this version. It may be a bummer, but it hasn’t worked properly for quite some time and it looks like the developers have decided to turn it off for the present and the foreseeable future.

For more information and to download Hangover Alpha, click this link to go to the GitHub repository.

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