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Wine 6.0 has over 8,000 changes to help Windows applications run on Linux

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Wine recently received an update that improves Windows applications running on Linux. The update comes as Win3 6.0 and includes over 8,300 changes, according to its full release notes (via Tech Radar).

Wine is a compatibility layer that allows you to run thousands of Windows applications on Linux systems. Wine currently supports over 27,000 Windows apps and games, but it should be noted that some games require special configuration. Popular apps and games supported include Office, Adobe Photoshop, and World of Warcraft.

The new version of version 6.0 has thousands of changes, but Wine’s website highlights some of the most significant improvements:

  • Basic modules in PE format.
  • Vulkan backend for WineD3D.
  • Support from DirectShow and the Media Foundation.
  • Redesign of the text console.

The full Wine 6.0 release notes explain that the core DLLs, which include NTDLL, KERNEL32, GDI32, and USER32, are now built into the Portable Executable (PE) format. As a result, people should see improvements for some copy protection schemes.

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The update also includes a new mechanism to associate a Unix library with the PE module. This change allows systems to call Unix libraries from PE when they attempt to perform a function that cannot be handled by the Win32 APIs.

Wine 6.0 also includes an experimental Vulkan renderer which translates Direct3D shaders to SPIR-V shaders. In another change related to Direct3D, the Direct3D graphics card database now recognizes more graphics cards and includes updated driver versions.

You can download the latest version of Wine from the Wine website.

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