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UWP community kicks off 2021 launch, brings new Windows apps to everyone

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A number of Windows app developers have come together to produce Launch 2021, an event showcasing the best creations of those from the UWP Community Discord server. Launch 2021 has an app for everyone – music recognition, interactive image creation, and text editing are just a few of the features brought by the large assortment of new apps.

Be sure to check out the Launch 2021 event page to see the full range of what’s on display, especially if you’re in the mood to try new apps on your Windows machine. A featured app will help you track crypto information and prices. Another allows you to remotely manage your ARK: Survival Evolved server. Seriously, if you need a particular type of app, take a look at the carefully cultivated range that Launch 2021 provides, because the tool of your dreams just might be here.

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If you think this all sounds cool, know that this isn’t even the first time the launch has taken place. Launch 2021 is the third annual event in the series, the first having taken place in 2019. This means that you may want to keep an eye on the UWP Community Discord server and the UWP Community website in order to be ready for a potential Launch 2022.

Even if you don’t want to join a community, be sure to check out the apps featured at the virtual event. New and exciting additions to the Microsoft Store’s vast library of apps are on display that will make your Windows 11 (or 10, or other operating system) life more interesting.

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