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Top 7 Statistical Software to Learn for Data Analysis in Research Work

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Data analysis is the process of processing data to organize it appropriately, interpret it, present it, and draw conclusions. It is performed with the aim of extracting relevant information from certain data in order to make sound judgments. To perform data analysis in the most feasible way, the individual responsible use tools that provide the best results.

Although there are several options available, data analysts must choose wisely to maximize the value of their analytical work. That being said, this post will discuss the best data analysis tools and highlight their essential characteristics for different types of analytical procedures.

Why is data analysis essential for research?

This is especially important if people want to gain in-depth insights into the business, manage huge amounts of data, or predict future events and possible scenarios based on various factors.

Many sectors, including healthcare, research-based development and higher education, based on statistical analysis tools.

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Whether detecting historical patterns, predicting future trends, organizing research, or analyzing millions of health-related data to save lives, the right software allows professionals to give a meaning to data and turn it into something useful.

If making sense of the data becomes difficult or there are many data points, spreadsheets and simple tools will not suffice. Rather than that, analyzers should invest in statistical analysis software.

Main statistical software required for data analysis

Here is the best statistical software available to users that provides the best results. All prices shown are converted from USD at a conversion rate of 1 USD = 85.81 BDT:


Due to its very user-friendly design, IBM SPSS is a widely used statistical tool. According to IBM’s official website, about 81% of reviewers found SPSS easy to use, making it a great option for novices.

However, don’t be fooled by its beginner friendliness; it packs a lot of punch, and it’s also a fantastic match for the pros.

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At its core, it enables users to analyze and make sense of data in order to make data-driven choices, identify new possibilities, predict future trends, and increase productivity.

Additionally, users can combine and match dozens of different SPSS products simply to create statistical analysis software tailored to their business, research project, and institution.

IBM’s most popular statistical analysis modules are priced as follows:

SPSS Statistics Package – Monthly BDT 8495 for each user

SPSS Modeler Package – BDT 42817 monthly for one user

Both choices offer a 30-day free trial to see if the product is suitable for a review team before purchasing.

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Minitab is one of the best statistical tools online, but it’s especially affordable for universities and academic organizations. Today, it is used by more than 4,000 educational institutions around the world to produce and analyze data.

Students, faculty, and institutions can rent multiple Minitab modules, including Express, Statistical, and Workspace, at significant savings. It allows users to quickly uncover hidden patterns and correlations between variables in current and historical data.

As a result, students graduate with the ability to make data-driven choices and identify patterns they otherwise would not have discovered. It is a win-win condition for students and potential employers.

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Minitab offers a free 30-day trial period where customers can choose between a single-user license and a multi-user license with deep rental discounts for students, teachers, and educational institutions.

Single-user license – BDT 141751 annual per unit

License for multiple users – Price on request

Discounts are not listed on the website. You will therefore need to contact the Minitab sales team for more information.

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Stata is a comprehensive statistical solution for data scientists working in many disciplines, including medicine, economics, finance, behavioral science, and marketing. It is well suited for manipulating data, exploring it, visualizing it and performing statistical analysis.

The software has a graphical user interface (UI) and a command line interface, which makes it accessible to users with and without programming skills.

There are four packages for Stata, and pricing is decided by license type, which includes single or multiple user and site license and varies depending on the plan selected.

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Whether it’s a large or a small data set, SAS/STAT provides comprehensive and scalable business intelligence tools to help you make smarter choices.

Additionally, the organization has over 40 years of expertise in creating statistical analysis tools for businesses. As a result, users can be sure they are dealing with a team of seasoned specialists who really understand their business.


While SAS is capable of performing all types of statistical analysis, JMP primarily focuses on targeted consumer segmentation and market research. It is a hyper-targeted service that allows marketers, data engineers, and decision makers to learn more about their target audiences through data analytics.

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Basically, JMP allows users to manage, analyze, and display market data more effectively and efficiently, giving them an edge over the competition.


MatLab is an analytical platform and programming language widely used by engineers and scientists. As with R, the learning curve is steep and users will eventually be asked to write code. Additionally, a plethora of toolkits are accessible to help people answer research questions. Although MatLab can be difficult for beginners, it offers enormous freedom in terms of what users can achieve – as long as they can write it.

GraphPad Prism

Graphpad Prism is a data analysis and statistics application designed specifically for use in scientific research. It has a comprehensive set of statistical functions and is used by scientists in a wide variety of industries, including life sciences, healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, as well as technology, automotive and telecommunications.

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Although it is designed for scientific fields, it does not require any programming experience to produce a wide range of data visualizations. Prism helps people work smarter by making it easy to fit curves and automate tasks with features like one-click regression analysis.


Choosing the best statistical analysis software will vary depending on the type of data you are analyzing and the features you desire. Plus, you need to have the technical expertise and drive to get the most in-depth insights from your data.

This guide will help people determine the best software for your statistical analysis requirements, and you’re sure to find the right one for your organization here.

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