September 18, 2022
  • September 18, 2022

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Google’s Flutter Now Makes Windows Apps – Visual Studio Magazine

by on February 3, 2022 0
News Google’s Flutter Now Makes Windows Apps Support for coding Windows apps arrived with Flutter 2.10, Google’s open source framework for building natively compiled cross-platform apps from a single codebase. “Today, we’re excited to announce the full availability of Windows app support for Flutter in stable releases,” said Feb. 3. announcement by Tim Sneath,... Read More

Best Windows apps this week

by on October 1, 2021 0
four hundred fifty-eight in a series. Welcome to this week’s preview of the best apps, games, and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere over the past seven days. The first batch of Win32 programs is now available in the latest version of the Microsoft Store for Windows... Read More

Windows 11 will change these Windows apps

by on September 20, 2021 0
Windows 11 will not only change the Windows operating system, it will also change the look and feel of some Windows applications. Although Windows 11 launches this fall, Microsoft has already highlighted several Windows apps that are being updated for Windows 11. So far, Microsoft has showcased several Windows apps that it is reworking... Read More

How to run Intel Windows apps on a Mac M1

by on August 25, 2021 0
By Tada Images For those who need to switch between running Mac and Windows software, one of the most compelling aspects of Intel-based Mac ownership is that these Macs can run both Windows and Mac applications, using either dual boot or virtualization. With the advent of the Mac M1, which was no longer based... Read More

Can I run Windows apps on a Chromebook in 2021?

by on June 28, 2021 0
If you’ve recently switched from Windows to a Chromebook, you’re probably missing some of your favorite apps. It’s no secret that some Windows apps can’t run natively on Chrome OS. Users often miss their favorite productivity apps, authoring tools, and games when making the switch. Fortunately, there are options if you need Windows apps... Read More

Run Windows apps on Mac with this $ 20 tool

by on April 9, 2021 0
We are a nation of two families at war for a long time, at least when it comes to operating systems. Windows and Mac users each have their reasons for loyalty, but the truth is, neither really gets the full experience. Apple’s software and hardware are optimized for design work and other creative multitasking,... Read More

Write native Windows applications with React and WinUI 3

by on March 15, 2021 0
The latest versions of React Native Windows, a Microsoft framework for building native Windows 10 apps, are upgraded to the latest version of React Native (0.64) and experimentally support WinUI 3 (in preview). Microsoft also maintains react-native-macos for native MacOS applications. The latest version from Microsoft react-native-windows framework allows developers to build native Windows... Read More

Surface Pro X can finally run all Windows apps

by on December 10, 2020 0
As of today, some Windows Insider beta testers can take advantage of 64-bit app emulation on Windows 10 on ARM-based devices like the Surface Pro X. – x86-bit apps, as well as Modern 64-bit x64 applications like Autodesk. Part of version 21277 of the Windows Insider Dev channel, this now helps ARM-based PCs support... Read More

Google extends its Flutter SDK to Windows apps

by on September 23, 2020 0
Join the leaders in online gaming at GamesBeat Summit Next on November 9-10. Learn more about what comes next. Google has announced that Flutter, its open-source UI development kit for building cross-platform software from the same codebase, is finally available for Windows apps in alpha release. For the world’s first desktop operating system with... Read More

How to use Windows apps on a Mac

by on August 7, 2020 0
Apple’s macOS operating system is more than capable of performing most of the tasks Windows PCs can do. However, there are times when you need specific software that is only available on Windows. So what can you do? Unless you buy a brand new, separate Windows PC, there are actually more than one way... Read More

Google gets into Windows apps for Chromebook laptops

by on July 31, 2020 0
Google provided more details on the plan to bring the Windows experience to Chromebook laptops. Last month Google revealed it would partner with Parallels visualization software to bring full Windows apps to Chromebook Enterprise users. However, in a new interview, Google said the integration will be a stand-alone project that will allow many other... Read More

How Google Brings Windows Apps to Chromebooks

by on July 31, 2020 0
Google revealed earlier this year that it plans to support Windows apps on Chromebooks through a partnership with Parallels. It’s a collaboration that will see a full version of Windows boot into Chrome OS, giving businesses the ability to run existing desktop apps on Google’s range of lightweight Chromebook devices. In an exclusive interview... Read More

Windows apps on Chrome OS coming soon

by on July 31, 2020 0
TL; DR A Google official has confirmed that Windows apps on Chrome OS will soon become a reality. Unfortunately, Windows will be virtualized through Parallels instead of the hoped-for dual boot option. Chromebooks will need to be powerful enough for this to work, and the service won’t be free. Although Chromebooks have come a... Read More

The madness of Windows apps on Chrome OS

by on June 18, 2020 0
Here, in the land of mobile technology, worlds collide more than ever. Up is down. The left is the right. And the lines blur everywhere you look. As we speak, Microsoft is getting ever closer to releasing its first self-made Android phone – one that could turn out to be the most interesting Android... Read More