September 18, 2022
  • September 18, 2022

Run Windows apps on your Mac with this top-notch software

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As streaming services and gaming platforms increasingly divide, computer operating systems have never been closer. Back then, what was Windows was Windows and Mac was Mac, and the two would never meet. Now, however, there are programs like Parallels Desktop Pro Edition which let you run Windows and macOS at the same time on your Mac device – and right now, a one-year subscription for Parallels is on sale for $79.99 (Reg. $99).

Macs are great, but Windows has some exclusive apps you probably don’t want to be blocked from. Parallels allows you to run over 200,000 Windows applications on your Mac without any performance issues. You don’t even have to reboot. All you do is open Parallels and you can start running Windows programs seamlessly, even sharing content between Mac and Windows. To maintain the clean Mac aesthetic, you can turn on Consistency Mode, hide the Windows desktop, and start using Windows apps as if they came straight from the Mac App Store.


Parallels is ideal for individual users or for enterprise-wide use if you work in an environment that requires a mix of operating systems. From TrustRadius reviews, one user noted that many departments in their work use Parallels because “it allows them to use one machine for all their needs, instead of having to connect to a remote virtual machine or use two machines”. This is productivity software both to get things done and to not have to lug around a second machine every time you need to use a Windows-only application.

It’s not just the Windows apps you’ll have access to. You will also be able to load games exclusive to Windows. Parallels was updated recently, so it now has 25% faster 2D graphics and up to 28% faster DirectX 11. The frame rate of games has also improved dramatically, so you can start deleting items from your Steam wishlist without having to buy a whole new computer.

Run Windows on your Mac seamlessly without having to restart. Obtain a Parallels Desktop Pro Edition: 1 year subscription on sale for $79.99 ($99 reg.).

Run Windows apps on your Mac with this top notch software

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