September 18, 2022
  • September 18, 2022

Run Windows apps on Mac with this $ 20 tool

By on April 9, 2021 0

We are a nation of two families at war for a long time, at least when it comes to operating systems. Windows and Mac users each have their reasons for loyalty, but the truth is, neither really gets the full experience.

Apple’s software and hardware are optimized for design work and other creative multitasking, and if you’re already using other iDevices, integration is a big plus. But there will always be some key Windows apps that you covet. Of course, where there is a will, there are enterprising coders who can find a way.

CrossOver for Mac is a desktop app that seamlessly runs Windows apps on a Mac. And when we say “run Windows apps” we’re talking about the real thing; it is not an emulator. Activate your favorite apps and software through CrossOver, and it translates Windows commands into Apple operations, letting you use your favorite programs on Mac as if they were developed for it. No license is required and all contributions go to the open source community.

Want to try it out on your Mac? PCMag readers can obtain a CrossOver license for Mac “One” for $ 19.99, or 49% off the MSRP of $ 39.

Prices are subject to change.

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