September 18, 2022
  • September 18, 2022

Run Windows apps on Mac, Linux, and Android with Wine

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If you have come across the need to run software or a Windows application specifically designed for Microsoft’s Windows operating system on your other computer running Mac Linux or Android. You might be interested to know that the Wine development team at Wine released a new version of their software this week in the form of Wine 7.0. The latest release represents a year of development and features over 9,100 individual tweaks and changes. Provide a robust solution for running Windows applications on Mac Linux or Android devices.

The beauty of Wine 7.0 is that it can be loaded onto your favorite operating system without the need to completely install a full Windows operating system which can take up unnecessary storage space. In addition, you also need a Microsoft Windows license and virtualization software to help the operating system run on your already installed Mac or Linux operating system.

If you plan on running Windows apps on Mac, you’ll be pleased to hear that major changes included in Wine 7.0 include improved Steam support with a bundle theme for a more modern look, as well as significantly improved HID stack and joystick support. like the new WoW64 architecture. The Wine team has also converted most of the modules to PE format and have kindly made available various binary packages for the distros available on their website, along with documentation explaining how you can run Windows applications software on a Windows operating system. non-Windows operation.

Run Windows apps on Mac and Linux

If you already have a version of Wine installed on your system, you will need to remove it before installing the latest version of Wine. If you already have Wine installed, no preparation is needed, but be aware that many Linux distributions come with the Wine package included. It is therefore worth checking that an older version is not already installed on your Linux machine.

If you’re wondering if a Windows software application will run on Wine on your preferred operating system, head over to the official Wine Application Database (AppDB) list of supported Windows software. Where a list of supported Windows games and Windows apps is available. For example, the top 10 installed Windows software includes World of Warcraft, StarCraft, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Diabolo III, EVE and more.

Full Windows OS on Mac

If you prefer to run a full Windows operating system on your Mac computer, you will need to use virtualization software such as Parallels or similar. Which needs to be loaded on your Mac first and will then install a copy of your favorite Windows operating system which can be run on macOS. Allowing you to seamlessly switch from a Windows application to a Mac application as you wish. The latest version of Parallels now supports the latest Apple M1 Silicon, allowing you to take advantage of the improved performance provided by the latest Apple M1 processors while still being able to run all your favorite applications and software, whether running Mac OS or Windows 10 or 11.

For more help on running Windows apps on Mac Linux and Android using Wine, go to the official website by following the link below, where full documentation is provided with links to packages binaries for Wine.

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