June 26, 2022
  • June 26, 2022

Run these Windows apps on Android with Wine 3.0

By on January 23, 2018 0

There are literally millions of android apps to choose from, but if you’re looking to go beyond what google play has to offer then you’re in luck. Thanks to a recent update, you can run Windows 7 applications on Android using a program called Wine 3.0.

Wine has actually been around since 1993, allowing Windows software to run on Apple hardware and Linux computers. With its latest update, that same functionality extends to Android, although there are some limits to what it can do.

android font note that Wine 3.0 is a bit unstable. It seems to work best on newer devices, but it may crash older phones or tablets. It also runs everything full screen, so don’t think you’ll be running two programs side-by-side like you would on a real PC.

Additionally, Wine 3.0 works best on Android x86 devices (meaning the processor is based on Intel technology). This means that if you have an ARM-based device, you will be limited to using programs that work with it. Windows RT. Even with these limitations, Wine 3.0 still opens up some interesting possibilities.

If you like games, you can use Wine 3.0 to get a classic first person shooter earthquake and its sequel, Earthquake II, running on any Android device. If you’re using an x86 chip, you can also try running the full version of Steam (instead of the limited mobile app) for even more video games.

Not a player? Try Greenshot, an advanced screen capture program for Windows that lets you instantly annotate your images, print them, or share them in an email. Or get the popular (and free) digital audio editor Audacity running on Android. You can even turn your phone into an old Macintosh computer with the Minimum vMac Emulator.

This is just a quick overview of what’s available. You can consult the full list of XDA Developers for even more Windows apps to run on Android with Wine 3.0.