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Protect your privacy on the go with these portable Windows apps

By on August 12, 2022 0

Want to keep growing your portable app collection? It’s important to keep up to date with the latest privacy tools, both for offline and online use.

As such, let’s explore 12 privacy-focused portable apps, so you’ll never be caught without a layer of defense.

Why Use Portable Privacy Apps?

With so many threats circulating on the internet, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself. But what if you’re using another PC, away from all the administrator privileges and security suites your personal computer has?

We’ve picked out some of the best portable security apps to keep on your USB drive, to make sure you’re ready wherever you go.

1. fSekrit

fSekrit is the first, and as with any great collection, you want to start with the basics.

fSekrit is a special notepad program that saves any text as an encrypted and password-secured EXEE file. It never saves unencrypted data to disk and is perfect for ensuring that the information you write down is never saved on the device.

To download: fSekrit (Free)

2. Portable Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of many dark web browsers, and while it may sound scary, you can use it to browse the internet with added security.

The Tor Browser will allow you to connect to websites by routing your traffic through the Tor network, effectively disguising your connection in much the same way a VPN can achieve.

It’s also portable, earning it a spot on this list as a great way to provide privacy on the go. Be warned, using the Tor Browser is not always 100% secure. We’ve written a guide on how to use the Tor Browser in the safest way possible to ensure everything goes smoothly.

To download: Tor Browser (Free)

3. ChromeHistoryView + MZHistoryView

We have combined two apps for this entry, as they more or less cover the same function.

ChromeHistoryView and MZHistoryView read history data from Chromium and Mozilla-based browsers, respectively. They give you a detailed breakdown of what was left in browser history, down to the exact time a website was visited.

The data can then be extracted as a TXT file or deleted altogether. It’s a great way to make sure you haven’t left any traces on the device you’re temporarily using.

To download: Viewing Chrome History (Free)

To download: MZHistoryView (Free)


Similar to the entry above, MUICacheView is a way to get an in-depth analysis of what you might have left on a computer.

MUICacheView will display a list of MUI cache items, which are traces left behind by programs that have been run on the computer.

This application will allow you to view the names of these applications and simply delete all unwanted elements.

To download: MUICacheView (Free)

5. USB Oblivion

Another app that lets you go the nuclear option when you absolutely need privacy. USB Oblivion will erase any evidence that a USB connected device is connected to Windows.

If you have ever connected a device to Windows, Windows takes note of it and this proof will remain in the system forever. USB Oblivion will wipe the registry of this information, making it vital for anyone who really doesn’t like leaving a footprint.

To download: USB oblivion (Free)

6. O&O ShutUp

O&O ShutUp is a privacy launcher, of sorts. It contains all the options available in Windows to disable tracking, additional services, advertisements and various other data sharing features.

Having this practice run on any computer before you start working on it will ensure as much privacy as possible when temporarily using a system that is not your own.

When you first launch it, you might be overwhelmed with the number of features you can turn off. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our guide to Windows 10 features you can safely disable.

Overall, O&O ShutUp is a great program to have, portable or not.

To download: O&O ShutUp (Free)


BleachBit is much like previous story cleaners, but with a much broader scope.

BleachBit aims to remove junk data and hidden cache files, but does so from a wide range of programs, including Adobe’s suite of tools.

This lightweight portable app is even capable of eliminating a Supercookie, making it a highly desirable app for anyone who loves their privacy.

To download: BleachBit (Free)

8. CacheX

HiddeX is fun and a program you could use on your own system. With HiddeX, you can quickly minimize or close programs with a fully customizable keyboard shortcut.

Programs are even hidden in the system tray and become silent. You restore it with the same keyboard shortcut. Simple, yet incredibly handy for hiding what you’re doing.

To download: HideX (Free)

9. JPEG and PNG Remover

Another great utility whether you’re on the go or on your PC at home. JPEG & PNG Stripper is an easy to use metadata stripper.

Drag a photo into JPEG & PNG Stripper and clean up any excess data that you’d rather not attach to that photo.

Metadata can tell more about you than you think, like your location. As such, cleaning up your metadata is extremely important in today’s data-aware world.

To download: JPEG and PNG remover (Free)

10. Peer Block

PeerBlock is quite simple. This is an Internet filtering program that allows you to block all traffic from specific sources.

This can include PeerBlock’s built-in list of invasive websites or your own custom selection.

PeerBlock is not natively portable, but the link below is a portable fork that works just as well.

To download: Portable PeerBlock (Free)

11. No Autorun

This portable application prevents any USB device, storage or otherwise, from automatically running scripts or executables.

This can be useful for filtering out potentially malicious or compromised USB devices. It could also prevent the user from being annoyed with frequently launching programs on USB devices.

No Autorun does this relatively safely, by simply disabling all autorun.inf files. Not only is this safe on the hardware in question, but it makes the program very lightweight.

To download: No autorun (Free)

12. Clicky Gone

Finally, we have Clicky Gone. Function similar to HiddeX, but much more complete.

Clicky Gone lets you hide certain windows using a shortcut, but Clicky Gone places them in its own custom desktop management menu.

This makes the program much more complete than HiddeX, but this complexity can detract from the intended simplicity of a program like this.

Either way, it’s a great tool to keep in your software toolbox.

To download: Click away

Make sure you keep track of your privacy, no matter what device you use

Protecting your privacy is getting harder and harder, but all of that means your toolset will need to get bigger and bigger.

These portable apps will go a long way in protecting both your online presence and personal identity and can be used wherever you go and on whatever system you use.

Keeping them handy will never be a bad idea.