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Minitab Launches New Minitab® 19 Statistics Software

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A better, faster and easier solution for statistical analysis

STATE COLLEGE, Pennsylvania., June 5, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Today, Minitab, LLC, a Leader in Intelligent Data Analysis Software and Provider of Expert Statistical Services, announced the launch of Minitab® 19 Statistical software, a better, faster and easier solution for executives, professionals, educators and students. The latest release from Minitab delivers on its commitment to helping practitioners analyze larger data sets – better, faster, and easier – no matter where they are in their analytic journey.

Minitab® 19 Statistical Software provides statistical analysis, visualizations, predictive and improvement analysis to enable data-driven decision making. Minitab Statistical Software is the global product of choice in many disciplines, including academia, operational excellence, quality improvement, Lean Six Sigma, manufacturing, research and development, marketing and more. ‘others. Regardless of the statistical context, Minitab enables organizations to use easy-to-use software, using an intuitive user interface, clicks, not code, the Minitab Assistant and its global support network of expert statisticians.

Jeffrey T. Slovin, CEO of Minitab, LLC said, “For nearly 50 years, Minitab has helped thousands of businesses control costs, improve quality, increase customer satisfaction, and increase efficiency. With the launch of Minitab® 19, we’ve created a solution that’s better, faster, and easier to help users make better data-driven decisions. “

Mr. Slovin continued, “Minitab is committed to developing cutting-edge tools and training to help customers spot trends, solve problems, and uncover valuable insights in their data with unmatched ease. Minitab® 19 will set the standard for statistical software, allowing customers to analyze even larger data sets and compare results faster and easier than ever. “

New Features Make Minitab® 19 an even more powerful statistical tool

Minitab® 19 Statistical Software improves previous versions with new features and better performance. With Minitab® 19 users can quickly analyze larger data sets, compare results, and make better data-driven decisions. Analysis results are now in a single view and users have the flexibility to manage and organize projects, whether it is grouping results by spreadsheet, alphabetical order, or configuration order .

Minitab® 19 Statistical Software also enables data analysis to be performed faster than ever. Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions with algorithm improvements, faster document imports, and more convenient access to automate routine analysis with macros, Minitab® 19 allows users to get precise results faster.

Minitab® 19 Statistical Software also has a new clean and crisp interface that makes the software easier to use. With familiar application design principles, clicks, not code, and Minitab’s wizard to guide and troubleshoot any analysis, Minitab is designed for beginners as well as the most experienced data scientists and analysts.

For those just starting their analytical journey, needing a refresher, or helping onboard new team members, Minitab also offers Quality Trainer, an online course that includes facilitated lessons, quizzes, and quizzes. practical exercises that help to easily learn statistics and how to use them. Minitab.

About Minitab, LLC
Minitab helps businesses and institutions spot trends, solve problems, and uncover valuable insights in their data by providing a comprehensive, best-in-class suite of data analytics, predictive analytics, and data analytics tools. process improvement. as well as a team of highly qualified experts to maintain them and support them in their analytical journey. Regardless of the statistical context, Minitab empowers organizations with easy-to-use software, clicks, not code, on-site and public training, and a global support network of expert statisticians.

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