November 29, 2022
  • November 29, 2022

Microsoft offers Windows apps for Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2

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Image: Meta

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Microsoft brings its own Office software to the Meta hardware. Satya Nadella does the honors in person during the meta keynote — and likely sets the example for Microsoft’s hardware plans in VR and AR, too.

Among other things, Microsoft announces native team and desktop apps for Quest Pro and Quest 2 at Meta Connect. Windows 11 and 10 can be streamed to the headset via cloud desktop. Microsoft Quest apps are expected to release in 2023. The exact launch date is unknown.

Meta avatars in Teams VR

With the Teams app, Quest users will be able to use their avatars in a new, immersive Microsoft Teams environment – which includes regular Teams video meetings (and Zoom meetings), where you can log in as an avatar from a Horizon Workrooms environment. Workrooms is Meta’s VR desktop software.

Microsoft Meta offers from 2023:

  • Immersive meeting experiences with Microsoft Teams for Meta Quest.
  • Microsoft Windows 365: Windows 11 and Windows 10 desktop streaming for Quest Pro and Quest 2
  • Microsoft 365 Apps: Sharepoint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more coming natively for Quest Pro and Quest 2
  • Microsoft Teams/Workrooms integration – Meeting teams from Workrooms.
  • Meta avatars in Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory for Quest Pro and Quest 2 (comes with a “Meta Quest for Business” subscription package)

Meta and Microsoft collaboration for an XR desktop is a compromise for both parties

If you interpret Nadella’s appearance and announcements in Meta’s keynote in the context of the latest rumors about Microsoft’s XR hardware plans, they confirm Microsoft’s focus on XR software and suggest a possible distance from the corresponding equipment. Microsoft will also offer Xbox 2D games for Meta Quest devices.

Meta has the ability, through Microsoft, to market Quest Pro as a full-fledged desktop device, which it probably couldn’t do without the Microsoft software. So far, the browser-based desktop solutions promised by Meta have remained exactly that – promised. Meta first announced the “Infinite Office” in September 2022, but there have been no major updates since the announcement.