September 18, 2022
  • September 18, 2022

How to Run Windows Apps on ChromeBook Using Wine 2022 Tip

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This tutorial is about how to run Windows apps on ChromeBook using Wine. We will do our best for you to understand this guide. I hope you will like this blog How to Run Windows Apps on ChromeBook Using Wine. If your answer is yes, please share after reading this.

Check How to Run Windows Apps on ChromeBook Using Wine

It looks like alcohol but it’s not. The software helps you run Windows operating system software on Linux. In fact, it creates a layer of similarity between Chromebook OS and Windows OS and every Windows application and software runs seamlessly inside the Linux container.

What you need to know about VIN

WINE is a third-party Linux application created by the open source community to allow users to continue trying the Windows shell without dual booting. The application runs Windows virtual drives on your Linux computer without any fatal changes to your hard drive. You can think of WINE as a convenience version of emulators like Virtual Box, except that it only lets you install Windows applications and not the full operating system. To install the app, you must have root (superuser) permissions through the ChromeOS terminal.

How to install WINE

  • First, update the computer by running the update command to fetch new repositories and ensure existing packages are updated

sudo apt-get update

  • Next, open the terminal (command line interface, shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T), type sudo su (for root permissions), type your password, then type apt-get install wine to start the installation process or just use the sudo keyword in front of your command

apt-get Install Wine OR sudo apt-get install Wine

  • Now that Wine is installed, you can add 32-bit support to support both legacy and modern Windows apps. To do this, just run.

sudo dpkg-add-architecture i386

Then sudo apt-get install wine32

Install and use Windows apps on your Chromebook

Now that you’ve installed Wine, you need to download Windows apps to install on your Chromebook. You can start with a download manager like IDM or Microsoft’s Paint app. Even better, if you already have .exe installer files from a Windows computer, just open your .exe files with Wine to install the software that will run on your Chromebook. However, this is how you can open your Windows installation files with Wine.

  • Right click on your Windows .exe file and choose to open with Wine or just open the file for Wine to pick it up automatically.
  • Once opened, install your software the same way you would on a Windows computer
  • If you’re having trouble installing Windows software and apps, read our quick guide to installing Windows
  • DONE: Your installed Windows program will now work on your Chromebook every time you open it.

By default, Wine creates shortcuts to Windows apps installed on your Chromebook or Linux PC. But if not, you need to locate the Wine directory from the directory below and create a manual shortcut from the program files.

home/your username (computer username)/.wine/drive c/program files/SOFTWARE NAM

Via File Manager, click Files, then Start, toggle show hidden files, then choose the .Wine folder where you can put the C drive and program files -> The standard dot for your hidden state.

Final Words: How to Run Windows Apps on ChromeBook Using Wine

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