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Google wants developers to build Windows apps using the Flutter framework

By on September 26, 2020 0

google announced the alpha release of Floating support for Windows. Flutter is Google’s open-source software development framework for building cross-platform and native apps. It enables cross-platform software development from a single code base. Flutter already supports Android and iOS. So far, this framework has powered more than 100,000 apps only available on the Google Play Store. Other supported platforms include web, macOS, and Linux.

Floating support for Windows

According to Flutter, more than half of all Flutter developers rely on Windows. Also, Windows is a popular choice for desktop and laptop devices. Previously, Microsoft reported that more than one billion devices were running the Windows 10 operating system. In a Medium post, Chris Sells, Senior Product Manager at Google on Flutter, had this to say:

“Native desktop support opens up a variety of exciting possibilities for Flutter, including improved developer tools, reduced friction for new users, and of course apps that can reach any device a user might. have from a single codebase.”

Flutter allows developers to reuse code across operating systems, including Android and iOS, and develop native system apps.

The framework grows with each platform. So far, it supports desktop form factors, courtesy of Web, macOS, and Linux. Now that Google has extended support for Flutter to Windows, the framework will include support for a wide range of input and output devices such as keyboards, mice, mouse wheels, controllers game and different screen sizes.

For Windows, Flutter adds a new target to the command line interface and integrated development environment tools. It also adds shell support for handling Windows inputs via WM_* messages and output via ANGLE. A Win32/C++ program loads Flutter code and executes it at runtime. Flutter also adds support for plugins on Windows.

Google promises to stabilize support for Flutter for Windows over the next few months.

“With support for Windows 7 and above, we hope this will give adventurous developers something to start with,” Google added.

Get started with Flutter for Windows

Getting started with Flutter for Windows is quite simple. All you have to do is install the Flutter SDK on Windows.

  1. Get the Flutter SDK
  2. Update your path
  3. To run floating doctor

For detailed instructions, you can check this Average position.

Meanwhile, Microsoft and Google are working together to create Progressive Web Apps best in Google Play Store.

Flutter for Windows