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Empower customers by bridging the digital divide with image data extraction technology

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Varun Garg: Empowering Customers by Bridging the Digital Divide Using Image Data Extraction Technology

Digital glyde is known as a global technology services company in Houston, USA that offers digital transformation strategies to develop expertise and deliver innovative projects to its clients. The team uses cutting-edge technologies to efficiently accelerate the delivery of custom software solutions. The company leverages artificial intelligence for digital twin oil and gas, digital property management, digital oilfield, digital image reader and digital VercX. It focuses on providing expertise in cloud, virtualization and other IT services to more than 100 service providers and more than 5,000 customers around the world.

Varun Garg is the founder of Digital Glyde, who created this company to bridge the technology gap and improve business through innovative and cutting-edge technologies. He is also the founder of VercX and has specialized skills in business intelligence, software project management, SaaS, business analysis, IT strategy, SOA and many others. Varun has also received four certifications from Microsoft, IBM, Sun Microsystem and AWS.

In an interview with Analytics Insight, Varun explains how the team gained expertise in delivering multiple digital transformation projects with patent pending technology by deploying artificial intelligence and analytics.

A visionary entrepreneur in digital transformation

Varun has led an incredible team of technologists for over 25 years. The team is expert in delivering thousands of digital transformation projects that have generated billions of dollars in business value for customers. Varun has advised CIOs and CTOs of Fortune 500 companies and has helped many business leaders harness new technologies to improve their bottom line.

In search of eye-opening experiences

Working with successful business leaders opened Varun’s eyes to the almost limitless range of potential each team member has to make a positive difference in business and beyond. An insatiable curiosity drives his appetite for new technologies and makes working with clients interesting. Varun looks for people who share these attributes, which motivates them more to create a game that is worth playing than to dictate the movements of each person on the board.

Logistics system: bridging the digital divide

Digital Glyde is looking for good answers to two things: the corporate value gap that the team is trying to close for customers and something else the company can do that would be a significant game-changer. Recently, the company saw the opportunity to help the governor of Texas realize his dream of bridging the digital divide by providing more than 4 million computers and access points to children in need. With schools starting and most students unable to attend in person due to COVID-19, the timing was critical. The team deployed the logistics system used to realize the governor’s vision from components including Azure, HubSpot, and DocuSign. The team also added SAP analytics cloud integration with ESRI to help governor, lawmakers, the Texas Education Agency and over a thousand ISDs as well as LEAs make better decisions about where and how to spend more. US $ 750 million for operational connectivity.

A tale of creation with disruptive technologies

The technologies don’t change a thing, but a lot of those deploying AI, advanced analytics, etc. have changed and will change everything in the company. Another recent example was the first commercial deployment of a patent pending technology that Digital Glyde has developed for customers called “Image Data Extract”. It works with computer vision technologies from Azure, Google, and AWS to take these capabilities from 80% technical success rates to over 95% required for enterprise applications.

When first used, Image Data Extract technology did the heavy lifting to reconcile thousands of free texts and handwritten invoices, ranging from 100 to 8,000 pages each, sent to the Texas Education Agency by ISDs and LEAs. across Texas for expenses related to the connectivity of the operation. Its over 95% level of accuracy sped up payments and deliveries to save millions of dollars on reported entries that were not part of the operation’s connectivity.

Positively influenced in unprecedented times

Varun renamed the company in January 2020 and made substantial investments in the United States and India just before COVID-19 shut down so many businesses around the world. Rather than retreating, the team moved forward with several internal machine learning and advanced analytics developments that were needed by current and future customers to create real business value from their digital transformations. During the worst times of the pandemic, the company actually saw the business pick up and these developments gave the team and customers a huge head start.

Accelerate innovation with confidence

The word partner has lost much of its original meaning and Varun sees Digital Glyde as a trusted ally for customers. Tech managers had five-year plans and many are still doing them, but the pace of innovation has accelerated to the point of making them counterproductive.

Today, you need someone you can trust to keep up to date with the amazing and inexpensive technologies out there. A company also wants a nimble team with these technologies from various sources like Azure, AWS, Google and SAP so that there is the best capabilities without getting stuck on a single platform.

A hundred years ago, children made their own toys. So we can think of the future as those kids who make amazing things out of Legos. When building a robot or a spaceship, they are not afraid to experiment and modify components to improve it. This is how the Digital Glyde team works together to create better and more valuable digital transformations.

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