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Bottles version 2022.2.14 lets you easily install Windows apps on Linux

By on February 18, 2022 0

You can use Wine to install Windows applications on Linux, but it doesn’t work for all applications. Plus, it forces you to configure things manually. So what are the easy options?

While CrossOver has done its best to make the process easier, Bottles is another solution.

With the latest version of Bottles, it aims to make things seamless to help you run your favorite Windows application with minimal changes.

Bottles 14.2.2022: what’s new?

The release brings some new features, improvements and lots of bug fixes. Let me highlight the key changes below.


Here is what the developers have to say about the new feature –

These are sets of instructions interpreted by Bottles to replicate the installation of a program. This process is written in manifest files by maintainers, who were able to install the program by following the same steps.

Source: Bottles

Basically, these one-click installers automatically install the software without you needing to modify anything manually. This is similar to how Lutris helps players install a game that needs big tweaks.

Only a few installers, especially third-party game launchers, are available. Users who want to install a program like Origin can simply go to the Installers section in their favorite bottle and hit the download button.

The developers also promise that you can expect more installers soon.

A dedicated app store

To showcase the available installers, they launched a App store on their official website. It contains a list of all available installers and necessary information such as dependencies, configuration, and supported architecture. Users can expect more useful features like reviews to come soon.

Source: Bottles

An important point to note is that not all installers will work perfectly. So, the developers introduced something called “grades” which refers to how smoothly the installed program works. The rating scale goes from Bronze to Platinum and is very similar to how Wine compatibility is rated.

Users can be assured that each installer will at least run the program and perform the main functionality that the program should perform. Users should expect bugs, graphical glitches, and crashes unless the installer is Platinum rated. In addition, installers will also work with restore points.

Users with multiple bottles now have the ability to find a particular bottle using the brand new search feature. Note that it is hidden by default and will be automatically activated if you have at least 10 bottles installed.

Source: Bottles

I think a basic functionality as a search bar should have been implemented already. But better late than never!

Custom path for bottles

Previously, users could not set a custom path for a bottle. With this release, users can do this by accessing the preferences section. This is very useful if a user is low on storage and is considering using a separate drive.

Note that Flatpak users will need to enable permissions for bottles to access any location outside of the Flatpak environment. You can try Flatseal to manage Flatpak permissions as well as.

Improvements and bug fixes

In addition to the major feature upgrades, there are several useful improvements across the board, some of which are worth highlighting:

  • Runtime available for non-Flapak packages which can be installed through the main Preferences section.
  • Users now have the option to end running processes using the built-in task manager.
  • Users can also launch programs from the terminal located in the context menu.
  • Support for Gamescope and dxvk-async as a component has arrived.

A variety of essential bugfixes are also coming with this release. Some of them include fixes for the game mode in the Flatpak version and the DXVK version change which removed the initial save.

You can refer to their official release notes for more technical details.

Final Thoughts

Bottles aims to be a must-have app for all Linux users who use Windows software. And, with all these improvements, it looks promising!

Adding installers should help many users tremendously. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.