November 29, 2022
  • November 29, 2022

Best Windows apps this week

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four hundred fifty-eight in a series. Welcome to this week’s preview of the best apps, games, and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere over the past seven days.

The first batch of Win32 programs is now available in the latest version of the Microsoft Store for Windows 11. Microsoft’s new Windows 11 operating system will be released next week, October 5, 2021.

As always, if I missed an app or game released this week that you think is particularly good, let me know in the comments below or let me know via email.

Discounts this week

The following list is a selection of the best deals. Make sure to check the store for all the deals.

Some applications are postponed for more than a week. Only new games and apps are listed below. Check out the previous post in the series for past offers that may still be valid.

New Windows Apps and Games

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a Win32 program designed to “view, print, electronically sign, share, and annotate PDFs”.

It is the same application that users can download directly from Adobe.

LibreOffice Vanilla 7.1 ($ 9.99)

LibreOffice Vanilla is one of the first Windows 11 Microsoft Store Win32 applications. The program is not free, unlike its non-Store version.

It includes all the main applications, Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw and Math.


The third and latest new Win32 application is TeamViewer, a popular remote access, control and support solution.

A free license for non-commercial use is provided during the first installation. Existing customers can add a license to unlock the full potential of the software.

Notable updates

Paint for Windows 11, a redesigned version is being rolled out. Microsoft has removed tabs and changed the appearance of the program.

PowerToys 0.47.0 is a great stability and bugfix update for the Tools Collection.

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