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Best Windows apps for Surface Pen and Surface Slim Pen users 2022

By on September 23, 2022 0

Surface Pen and Surface Slim Pen are powerful tools that only get better when you add some of the best Surface Pen apps to the mix. From note taking to form filling to coloring, here are the best apps to grab.

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Thanks to most of the apps above having at least some sort of free version, you can try them out with your stylus essentially risk-free to see if they’ll be useful to you. And don’t worry about mixing and matching hardware; the Surface Slim Pen works with old surfaces. Don’t have a Surface Pen? You can always consult these Alternatives to Surface Pen and Surface Slim Pen.

Wondering exactly where to start with apps? bamboo paper (opens in a new tab) is a lightweight application that provides a real paper feel when writing. Not only is it great for note taking and journaling – you can add your own photos to a page – it can also be used for sketching or sketching thanks to a custom color palette and a collection of tools beyond a simple pen.

Need something more suited to artistic ambition? I used Leonardo (opens in a new tab), which has been available directly from the Microsoft Store now, for quite some time, and I appreciate the simple user interface that adapts to any display size and the overall collection of tools. Whether you want to sketch something rough or go for a complete piece of art, you should have no problems. The Infinite Canvas is great for letting your artwork flow, and while it’s still in beta, you can save $40 off (opens in a new tab) on the total price.